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CBD Oil 500 DAY


Our CBD Oil is organically-grown and is high-concentrate CBD oil in MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides). Perfect for stress, anxiety, pain and sleep related issues. We offer a variety of options for your needs. Every batch is tested for purity and potency by a reputable 3rd party lab. Test results are posted below. POOFY is dedicated to the power of plants and celebrates the healing properties of CBD.  We have collaborated with the finest growers and have selected the highest quality product.  Our CBD is pesticide-free. 
Please check out our CBD FAQ entitled "Is CBD for Me" for all your questions regarding CBD oil.


We offer 5 distinct types of Full Spectrum CBD Oils and 1 Isolate CBD Oil available.  4 out of the 6 formulations have added terpenes.  Nearly all of the major terpenes are either analgesic (ANTI-PAIN) (P) or ANTI-INFLAMMATORY (I). Then, depending on the terpene, some assist with SLEEP (S), ENERGY (E), CALMING (C), FOCUS (F), UPLIFTING MOOD (U) and ANTIFUNGAL (A) properties. What you are trying to achieve will make the decision regarding which product to use. We have included terpenes that address a variety of effects. Please see below graphs for more details. 
Full Spectrum CBD 500 BASIC BLEND - 500 mg. 30 mL. This formula is a basic full-spectrum CBD oil and is recommended for those with sensitivities, women who are pregnant, nursing and/or children under 10 years old and dogs.  Beginners should ALWAYS begin with the Basic Blend.

Full Spectrum CBD 500 DAY - 500 mg. 30 mL. This formula has added terpenes of Alpha Pinene, Alpha Phellandrene, Beta Carophyllene, Humulene & Limonene for maximum benefit. For instance, Alpha Pinene is energetic and therapeutic. It appears in conifers, and the most widely encountered terpene in nature; it is anti-inflammatory; an antibacterial effective against MRSA; and a bronchodilator. Humulene is anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and has applications in treating pain, while suppressing the appetite. Limonene is highly energetic and a known anti-depressant and strong anti-inflammatory.  

Full Spectrum CBD 1000 DAY - 1000 mg. 60 mL.

Full Spectrum CBD 500 NIGHT - 500 mg. 30 mL.  This formula has added terpenes of Alpha Bisabolol, Linalool, Myrcene, Nerolidol & Terpinolene for maximum benefit. Myrcene, which is the most common terpene in cannabis . It's an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, analgesic and muscle relaxant and contains highly-sedative effects. Terpinolene is a slight sedative, antioxidant, anti-cancer and antibacterial. Nerolidol contains slight sedative properties. Linalool is a powerful anticonvulsant which may have applications in treating seizure disorders. Remember, always begin a blend during the daytime to evaluate your reaction

Full Spectrum CBD 1000 NIGHT - 1000 mg. 60 mL.

Isolate CBD 500500 mg. 30 mL.  This formula can be used for those who are routinely drug tested as there is zero traces of THC in the formulation and will only contain Cannabidiol rather than other cannabinoids OR terpenes.

​Ingredients: Each bottle contains CBD (a minimum of 16.66 mg/mL) blended in pure MCT from organic coconuts.

Choosing The Potency When choosing potency, it’s best to start "low and slow"and gradually increase dosage until you get the desired result. 

*Oil color may vary



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June 23,2019
I started using Poofy’s Basic Blend about a year ago. Several months back I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. 2-3 drops of the Day Blend is the only thing that got me functioning while getting my thyroid “balanced” again. It not only helped with my severe fatigue and body aches but helped lift my mood too!  Its also works amazing during my monthly cycle to stop cramping and preventing me from being irritable!! I’m forever grateful to have this safe, side effect free option on my natural healing journey!  Being created by Poofy Organics, a leader in quality,  transparent organic products and having the current Certificate of Analysis for review, I have peace of mind knowing I’m getting the best product available! If it’s created by a Poofy, it has the highest standards and the results prove it!

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