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CBD Oil 500 BASIC Blend


Our CBD Oil is organically-grown and is high-concentrate CBD oil in MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides). We offer a variety of options for your needs. Every batch is tested for purity and potency by a reputable 3rd party lab. Test results are posted below. POOFY is dedicated to the power of plants and celebrates the wellness properties of CBD.  We have collaborated with the finest growers and have selected the highest quality product.  Our CBD is pesticide-free.
Using a state of the art revolutionary process, our products are highly concentrated. With a starting dose of only 2 drops, compare our oils for purity, potency and the ability to review each batch’s recent Certificate of Analysis by a reputable 3rd party lab. CBD You Can Trust!

Please check out our CBD FAQ entitled "Is CBD for Me" for all your questions regarding CBD oil.


We offer 5 distinct types of Full Spectrum CBD Oils and 1 Isolate CBD Oil available.  4 out of the 6 formulations have added terpenes for maximum efficacy.  
Full Spectrum CBD 500 BASIC BLEND - 500 mg. 30 mL. This formula is a basic full-spectrum CBD oil and is recommended for those with sensitivities, women who are pregnant, nursing and/or children under 10 years old and dogs.  Beginners should ALWAYS begin with the Basic Blend.

Full Spectrum CBD 500 DAY - 500 mg. 30 mL. This formula has added terpenes of Alpha Pinene, Alpha Phellandrene, Beta Carophyllene, Humulene & Limonene for maximum benefit. For instance, Alpha Pinene is energetic and therapeutic. It appears in conifers, and the most widely encountered terpene in nature. 

Full Spectrum CBD 1000 DAY - 1000 mg. 60 mL.

Full Spectrum CBD 500 NIGHT - 500 mg. 30 mL.  This formula has added terpenes of Alpha Bisabolol, Linalool, Myrcene, Nerolidol & Terpinolene for maximum benefit. Remember, always begin a blend during the daytime to evaluate your reaction

Full Spectrum CBD 1000 NIGHT - 1000 mg. 60 mL.

Isolate CBD 500500 mg. 30 mL.  This formula can be used for those who are routinely drug tested as there is zero traces of THC in the formulation and will only contain Cannabidiol rather than other cannabinoids OR terpenes.

​Ingredients: Each bottle contains CBD (a minimum of 16.66 mg/mL) blended in pure MCT from organic coconuts.

Choosing The Potency When choosing potency, it’s best to start "low and slow"and gradually increase dosage until you get the desired result. 

*Oil color may vary



CBD Oil 500 BASIC Blend $79.00

5 Stars Based on 10 Review(s)

Lorrenda of Texas
- 5 Stars
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Very Effective!

June 11,2020
I use the 500 BASIC blend for my whole family including the dog.  Everyone notices a difference.  It helps my husband sleep, I feel more calm and can more easily deal with the stresses of the day.  My son is less reactionary on it and my daughter just feels less anxiety. In comparing the Poofy product with other CBD brands less is needed of the Poofy to have the same or better effect so the cost isn't really a factor since we are using less than if we were using a cheaper brand.
Rebecca of New York
- 5 Stars
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Miracle for Elderly Cat with Cancer

April 20,2020
I used this product on my cat with cancer.  He was very senior, approximately 18 years old when he was diagnosed.  I did not want to torture him with treatment and vet visits at that age.  Ii decided to make his last couple months as comfortable and as filled with love and cuddles as possible. I began to give him a small dose of CBD every 12 hours.  It added life back into him.  He went from stationary and unable to move and eat to scratching on the post and snacking.  I believe that this eased his pain and enabled to live his life to the fullest up until his very last moment.   This is worth every penny! I thank you POOFY for creating such a wonderful product!
JENNIFER of New York
- 5 Stars
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Highly Recommend.

June 23,2019
I absolutely Love this oil. I have been taking it for well over a year now. Basic Blend is my favorite. The oil has helped me tremendously with stress. It doesn't eliminate the stress but it keeps me much calmer. I was actually experiencing heart palpitations, it was that bad!
I am also menopausal and it is helping so much with all that comes with this time in my life. So many of my friends are suffering from lack of sleep, the sweats, and mood swings. So far...No problems!
I highly recommend the oil for anyone on the fence about taking it.
Jessica of Michigan
- 5 Stars
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Saving me from my emotions!!

June 23,2019
I’ll start by saying I’m horrible at routine! Especially when it comes to supplements. But the way the Poofy Wellness CBD makes me feel is amazing! I WANT to take it every day! After the birth of my third little girl and the death of my dad three months later, my anxiety and stress seemed to skyrocket! I was yelling and crying constantly. I felt like I was in a emotional battle that I couldn’t win EVERY SINGLE DAY. Insert CBD 🙌. I started taking the Basic 500 blend (2 drops under my tongue) and could feel a huge difference  the first day! Wow!! I’m more level headed, don’t sweat the small stuff and have more patience with my kiddos. On high anxiety days I take two drops in the AM and two drops mid afternoon. So thankful for this stuff!
Callie of Florida
- 5 Stars
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Elderly dog benefit!

March 20,2019
Okay so I bought this for myself but ended up giving it to my 14yr lab who has arthritis, stomach issues & congestive heart failur. She would have accidents every day and wake me up 1 or 2 times a night to potty but I started giving her 2 drops now 4 drops on a treat at night and she hasn’t had a single accident since I started and sleeps all night :) she’s more active too and seems to be much happier and feeling great. I highly recommend this!
PS she weighs about 80lbs
Callie of Florida
- 5 Stars
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Elderly dog benifits!

March 20,2019
I bought this for myself since it said to start with the basic blend but I’m moving on with the full spectrum. I had some benifits but what really wowed me was my elderly dog. I have a 14 year old chocolate Labrador who has congestive heart failur, bad arthritis and had stomach problems. She is house trained but was having accidents every day with an extremely torn up stomach for months. I started giving her 2 drops and now 4 drops of the basic blend at night and it’s been about 6 weeks now. She hasn’t had a single accident since I started and it’s the only thing I have changed on her diet. She also is more active and sleeps all night where as before she would wake me up once or twice a night to go potty. It has greatly improved her life and I highly recommend it especially for dogs. She weighs about 80 pounds. Love this product!
PS I simple drop the oil on a dog treat or a piece of bread
Lisa of Tennessee
- 5 Stars
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Great product for arthritic pain relief

March 12,2019
I have been using this product for four weeks. I have noticed decreased pain in my problem joints. I also have lyphedema, for no apparent reason, and I have noticed a decrease in swelling. I’m moving on to the next step and hope to report even more positive results!
Andrea of Kentucky
- 5 Stars
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Lots of Help

February 7,2019
My psoriasis is no longer red and is less thick with plaque. My anxiety is lessened and the feeling of my heart racing is no longer there. If I'm feeling a headache, backache, sciatica, or any pain at all, I add another drop to my day and whatever was wrong is fixed. I'm postpartum with hormone fluctuations and I feel more in control. I'm so thankful and love this CBD oil.
Diana of California
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My husband was able to SLEEP AND FALL BACK TO SLEEP

January 25,2019
Helped my husband relax and sleep and it helped me with relaxing too from all the stress of my full time job and rebuilding our home! Thankful for the quality this company gives to their customers!
Anne of Indiana
- 5 Stars
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Momma needed this new tranquility!

January 23,2019
Just a couple drops of this in the morning has helped me so much with just typical day to day anxiety, stress, and worry! Plus, my nails are grateful that I'm not constantly nibbling on them! I know it's working and working well with no side effects, just homeostasis for this body!

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